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"His flute on Lullaby for Ian (the late Ian Dury) is gorgeously tender." - RJ Peacock (, Aug 2015

"International heavyweight" - Time Out Melbourne, Mar 2015

"The Jimmy Page of brass" - Mark Adams (, Dec 2014

"You were only supposed to blow the bleeding saxophone!" - Woody Woodmansey (Holy Holy), Dec 2014

"I remember a sentence of Bernstein on Wagner, he said he hated Wagner. But hated him on his knees.
I feel the same facing Terry. This musician can do everything - anything! Without any vanity.
Effortless. A productive tranquility. " Erika Stucky, October 2013

"Terry Edwards: blowing up a storm for countless collaborators." Uncut, March 2013

"You & me, Terry - we're standing in the doorway between the mainstream
and the avant-garde. And it's a very good place to be."
Julian Cope, Spring 2010

"You've got a nice, warm tone. Reminded me of Earl Bostic."
Archie Shepp on hearing Terry & the Scapegoats' version of
Harlem Nocturne at London's Jazz Cafe, January 2007

"Yeah, Terry Edwards, a beautiful cat and a great saxophonist
with that tattoo down his neck!" - John Sinclair August 2007


Last updated - February 2016