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681 at the Southbank
1. Night and the city
NEW 2. Detroit Hear an excerpt HERE
3. Harlem nocturne
4. Vaguely fit
5. The king of the cheap thing
NEW 6. Tango
Hear an excerpt HERE
7. Dog food
8. 6-8-1 (the burn-up)

Terry Edwards plays the music of Jim & William Reid
9. Never understand
10. Everything's alright when you're down
11. The hardest walk
12. Break me down

Terry Edwards salutes the magic of The Fall
13. Totally wired
14. Bingomasters breakout
15. The dice man
16. Container drivers

Terry Edwards executes Miles Davis numbers
17. Eighty-one
18. Four
19. Seven steps to heaven
20. Half nelson

Personnel: Terry Edwards, Jem Moore, Woody Woodgate, Mark Bedford
Chris Foreman, Mike Kearsey, Dave Bryant, Tommy Barlow
Seamus Beaghen, John Eacott, Martin Ling


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