1991 - 1994

Terry Edwards plays the music of Jim & William Reid

ARTORIAL reissue, REFIT 002T
(12" EP - STIM 001, rel 1991)

Never Understand | Everything's Alright When You're Down | The Hardest Walk | Break Me Down

Terry Edwards salutes the magic of The Fall
(12" EP - STIM 002, rel 1991)

Totally Wired | Bingomasters' Breakout | The Dice Man | Container Drivers
w/ Mark Bedford, Chris Foreman, Seamus Beaghen, Mike Kearsey, Dave Bryant,
John Eacott, Tommy Barlow, Martin Ling, Jem Moore

Terry Edwards executes Miles Davis numbers

ARTORIAL reissue, REFIT 003S
(7" EP - STIM 003, rel 1992)

Eighty One | Four | Seven Steps To Heaven | Half Nelson

Plays, salutes & executes
(CD - STIM 004, rel 1993)

Compilation of the above three vinyl releases + Version City | New Rose* | Bodies
* performed by the Urchin String Quartet

Terry Edwards presents . . . No Fish Is Too Weird For Her Aquarium (v.a.)

(CD - STIM 005, rel 1994)

Blitzkrieg Bop - Serious Drinking | Our Day Now - The Higsons
Well You Needn't (piano version) | Double Bourbon Biscuit Barrel - The Biscuitmen
Fell Asleep On The Last Train Home - TE & Martin Ling
NEW Brown Bread - Swordfish Hear an excerpt HERE
Dulce Et Decorum Est - w/Charles Higson | BB's Dream - Kevin Hand
Thursday's Child & Yardbird Suite - BUtterfield 8
NEW Lather, Rinse, Repeat - w/Simon Charterton Hear an excerpt HERE
I'm Glad I Never

Terry Edwards remembers The Cure
(12" EP - STIM 006, unreleased. Some white labels escaped credited to The Cureator)

Friday, I'm In Love | In Between Days | Killing An Arab | Show Me A Sane Man and I Will Cure Him For You
w/ Andy Metcalfe, Stephen Irvine, Wil Roberts & the ansaphone cast-of-1000s

BREAKING NEWS - This EP will be available as a download-only release
on iTunes from July 30th. At last!!