Born in Hornchurch, Essex, England on August 10th, 1960

Learnt trumpet & piano at school. Started playing guitar at thirteen. Was given a saxophone on my 18th birthday

Went to the University of East Anglia from 1979-82 to get into a band. Managed to do that and come away with a degree in music as well

First releases made with The Higsons (1980-86) - details in the sessions catalogue

Formed BUtterfield 8 with 'Young' Mark Bedford in 1987

Having been in several bands and played many sessions, 1991 saw the first solo releases on Jacko Boogie's STIM label, actively encouraged by the aforementioned Mr Bedford

photo: Melanie Cox

1991-present has seen a prolific musical career take in an unfeasible amount of diverse work both as a session player (stopped counting the number of releases once they'd got into three figures), live performer (stopped counting the gigs once they'd got into four figures) and solo artist both with & without sidesmen The Scapegoats

That's enough blowing of my own trumpet - I hope you like the music

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