If you'd care to hook up with some like-minded people, here are some sites that may be of interest:-

The official site with up to date info on current Madness activity plus links to other fan-based sites.

Nick Cave Collector's Hell
Well researched site with comprehensive discographies including a Gallon Drunk section.

John Peel - 1939-2004
Official home-page of the most important non-musician in music.
I guess it'll be a tribute page for a while...

Julian Cope
"We're so lucky, Terry - we made it through the 80s and we've still got careers!"
Check out the site which charts the life and work of this most charming man.

Hux Records
BBC archive reissue specialists who brought you CDs by The Higsons, Edwards & comedy
compilation 'By jingo-it's British rubbish!'. (Spot the difference . . . )

Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Run by top Blockheads / Madness afficionados. A very fine site indeed.
Check out the version of Dury's "You'll See Glimpses" on
Birth of the Scapegoats

Lydia Lunch
"Art, photography, sculpture, sounds, words, celluloid for home consumption,
consecration, decimation, systems annihilation"

Damaged Goods
Over 10 years of nasty loud records - and nasty quiet records.
Includes a truly enviable catalogue and incredibly reasonable mail order prices.

Well designed home-page featuring the twangy beat-combo from Sheffield

Farmers Boys
Officially unofficial, and newly revamped.

Wiiija Records
Quite a good site despite one glaring error in the 1996/7 'History' page. It says that the
Edwards/Scapegoats album on Wiiija was "underrated". This should read "underpromoted".

Gallon Drunk
The official site for the James Johnston/Ian White led outfit.

Johnny Cronin
Workaholic singer-songwriter based in Ireland who should land a major contract any day.

He's currently making hay as The Aftermath with two Top 20 hits in the Irish charts.

Extensive discographies etc, and a shop with more than everything you'll ever need
from the Tindersticks. Well worth a browse.