The Sessions Catalogue

A - C

Barry Adamson
The man with the golden arm (Main title theme) - Saxophones.Vinyl/CD single; CD version of Moss Side Story
; ass. compilations. Mute 1988. (Credit omitted from some formats)

Alternative TV
My Baby's Laughing*/The River/Scandal - Trumpet & saxophone.
From the vinyl/CD album Peep Show; * also on 7" single. Anagram 1987.

Solar - Trumpets. Conductor/MD for the 4 x 4 String Quartet on 3 other tracks
CD album Fierce Panda 2001.

Walk Like an Egyptian (Ozymandias remix by Paul Schroeder) - Guitar.
7"/12"/CD single. CBS 1990. Uncredited and I even had to buy my own copy!

The Bikini Beach Band
Secret Agent Man - Trumpet. 7"/CD single. Stim, 1998.
Secret Agent Man/Design for Life - Trumpet/arrangement.
On the CD album Leave Home. Stim, 1998.

The Boo Radleys
Heaven's at the Bottom of this Glass - Trumpets.
On the CD/vinyl album Kingsize. Creation, 1998.

Boogaloo Stu
Rocksteady, Fly around the moon, Under your spell, Brilliant discovery
On the CD album The Glambassador. Lucky Pierre, 2004

The Bounty Hunters
Threads (a tear-stained scar) - Saxophones/trumpets/keyboards.
CD/vinyl album. Creation, 1989.

I played on quite a lot of this album & can't remember which tracks I didn't play on, hence the omission of a track-listing. Worth checking out, though.

Billy Bragg
Upfield*/Goalhanger - Saxophones.
On the CD album William Bloke. * also on CD single. Cooking vinyl, 1996.

Never had no one ever - Saxophones.
CD EP & Les Inrockuptibles compilation. Cooking Vinyl, 1997.

England, half English/Dreadbelly - Tenor saxophone
On the CD album England, half English. Cooking Vinyl, 2002.

BUtterfield 8
Co-founded with Mr Mark Bedford after he'd left his day job with Madness & I'd left mine with The Higsons. We landed a deal with Go!Discs with no problem at all, made an album and equally had no problem in getting dropped the next year.

Reissued on Sartorial on CD & ltd edition 10" vinyl. Tracklisting here

Watermelon Man/St Lyle Drive/Be on it*/Rag*
7"/12" single. Go!Discs, 1988. * on 12" only.

Blow! - 13 track CD/vinyl/cassette album. Go!Discs, 1988.

Interesting fact! - This was the first CD I ever appeared on, and had to give in and buy a CD player.

Caesar Romero
Violet Rose - Alto sax
On the CD album Matamoros. Chicano Super Soul, 2001

Campag Velocet
Harsh shark - Trumpet
On the CD/vinyl album Bon Chic Bon Genre. PIAS, 1999.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
The Ballad of Robert Moore & Betty Coltrane - Saxophones/trumpets.
B-side of Where the wild roses grow (duet w/Kylie Minogue). CD/vinyl single. Mute, 1995.

Rather annoying that my credit was left off such a high profile record. I was in good company, though - Blixa Bargeld's contribution was uncredited too.

Lovely Creature - Trumpets.
On the CD/vinyl album Murder Ballads. Mute, 1996.

More, Scary Tin, Cigarettes & Spies - Trumpets/saxes/arrangements
On the CD album Coming Round. Abstraction, 2003

Julian Cope
Baby, let's play vet - Trumpet/arrangement.
On the Try, try,try CD/vinyl EP. Echo, 1995.
W.E.S.S.E.X.Y. is on this EP, and I did play on a version of it, but it may not be this one. . .

Wheelbarrow Man - Horns.
Road of Dreams - Trumpet/arrangement.
On the CD/vinyl album 20 Mothers. Echo, 1995.

Planetary sit-in (Radio sit-in remix) - Saxophones & trumpet.
Cummer in Summertime - Trumpets.
CD/vinyl single. Echo, 1996.

The first time I played with Mr Cope was in January 1993(ce) at some live shows at the
T & C, Kentish Town, London. I played on Reward, Beautiful Love and Sleeping Gas alongside John Eacott. They were some of the last shows at that venue before it was renamed The Forum and was, I believe, the first time that real trumpets had been used 'live' on those songs since the Teardrop split up.

David Coulter
Polaroids:Descent - Melodica
On the CD album INterVENTION. Fringecore, 2000

David Coulter/Michael Gira/Jean Marie Mathoul/Charlemagne Palestine
Gantse Mishpuchah (music in 3 parts) - trumpet on part 1
On the CD album Gantse Mishpuchah. Fringes Recordings, 2004

The Creatures
Venus in furs (live) - alto sax.
On the CD sampler Now buy Zulu. Sioux, 1999.

The vamp / Witchcraft / Standing there, Killing time, Right now, The passenger - Alto & baritone saxes. On the live CD Zulu. Sioux, 1999.