The Sessions Catalogue

D - F

Dead Famous People
Postcard from Paradise - Trumpets.
On the CD/vinyl mini-album Arriving late in torn & filthy jeans. Utility, 1989.

555*/Brothers - Trumpet/Saxes/Arrangements.
On the CD/vinyl album, One Love. * also on CD/vinyl single. Go!Beat, 1998.

Department S
Romany Blood/Somewhere between heaven & Tesco's - Trumpet/saxophone.
On the CD album Is Vic There? Mau Mau, 1993. (Recorded c.1981 for Stiff Records)

2003 Reissue - "Sub-stance", 22 track CD reissued by LTM. I'm on Romany Blood, Tesco's and Whatever happened to the blues? (Not Age Concern as stated on the sleeve)
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*This was my first 'professional' recording session outside of playing with The Higsons. It took Stiff many weeks to pay up (preparing me for the "lost your invoice" game which record labels still play with monotonous regularity), and the record was unreleased until 1993. I may have played on Fighting Irish too, but I'm not sure. Uncredited and my contribution was not very good, truth be told. Members of the Romford League of Friends still talk to me, though.

Dope Smugglaz
The Word - Trumpet/MD for recreation of samples.
CD/vinyl/cassette single. Perfecto, 1998.

Double Double Dutch - Tubular bells (honest!)/string arranger/MD.
CD/vinyl/cassette single. Perfecto/Mushroom, 1999.

Overdosed on everything/Exit/Glad you like it - brass/MD
CD album. Perfecto, 2000.

Gravity - String arrangement/MD/producer.
On the CD/vinyl EP Injection. Honey/Go!Discs, 1995.

Never Come Down - horns.
On the CD/vinyl album White magic for lovers. Roadrunner, 1998.

Terry Edwards/Scapegoats
BBC sessions - John Peel (4) - 1991, 1993, 1996 & 1999.

This Is The Sound of Music - Tape treatments/voice.
On the CD/vinyl compilation The Sound of Music. Bring on Bull, 1993.

Bingomaster's Breakout (live) - w/ The Scapegoats.
On the CD compilation What did you come down for? Genki Recordings, 1996.

Asthma (live) - w/ The Scapegoats
CD album The Hospital Radio Request List. Sink & stove, 2000.

See the discography for details of other releases.

18 Wheeler
The hours & the times*/Stay*/Grease*/Everything's dead/Den dagen, den sorgen &Planesong - String arranger/conductor/MD.

On the CD/vinyl album Year Zero. Creation, 1997.
* - also released in many formats, remixed as CD/vinyl singles.

Fuck easy listening - string arranger/conductor/MD.
On 12" single, Prozac beats. Creation, 1996.

Farmer's Boys
More than a dream - Trumpets.
7" single, out first on Backs Records, then CBS (briefly) and finally on EMI. 1982.

More than a dream (re-recorded)/A promise you can't keep/Who needs it? - Trumpet & sax.
On the vinyl album Get out and walk. EMI, 1983.

Funky combine John, T.O.S.D., More than a dream - trumprt & sax
On the CD album Once upon a time in the East, rec. 1982, rel. 2003

I also played onstage with The Farmer's Boys occasionally, but was always incredibly nervous for some reason. I don't think I ever got through a gig without splitting the simplest of notes. Thank god the BBC In Concert at the Paris Theatre was never released.

BBC sessions - David Jensen (1), In Concert (1).

Foyer des Arts
John Peel session, 1986. Saxophone & keyboards.

The Frank & Walters
How can I exist? / The Russian Ship / Little Dolls &
Wild Sunday's Child - string orchestra arrangements, MD, conductor.

On the CD album Grand Parade. Setanta, 1997.