The Sessions Catalogue

G - H

Gallon Drunk
Bedlam - Saxophone/trumpets.
7''/12" & CD single. Clawfist, 1992.

Two wings mambo (live) - Baritone saxophone.
On the CD album Viva! 8. NME / Spastics Society, 1992.

You should be ashamed/The Amsterdam run - Saxophone/trumpets.
12"/CD single. Clawfist, 1993.

Arlington Road/Bedlam/You should be ashamed - Saxophone/trumpets.
On the CD/vinyl/cassette album From the heart of town.
Clawfist/Sire/Woodyland/City Slang, 1993.

Known, not wanted c/w We have all the time in the world (Tindersticks) - all instruments plus trumpet on the Tindersticks' side. 7" vinyl. Clawfist singles club, 1993.

"Known, not wanted" is currently available on Large Door (18 tracks from the golden age of vinyl), a CD album on Damaged Goods. See the main discography for details.

Loser's theme - Sax/trumpet/keyboards/programming.
10" vinyl - Purr magazine 1993.
Also on CD compilation Camden Crawl - Love Train Records, 1995.

Traitor's Gate/Some cast fire/Chain of gold/Bear me away - Keyboards/sax/trumpet.
CD EP Traitors Gate. Gallon Drunk Records, 1995.

Two clear eyes/My spent love*/Mr Slinky's/Fade away* - Keyboards/sax/trumpet.
7" / CD single (* on CD only). City Slang, 1996.

To love somebody*/Come unto me/The shakedown** - Keyboards/sax/trumpet, bass on *.
7" / CD single (** + one other track on CD only). City Slang, 1997.

Keyboards/sax/trumpet/shakers/bass/guitar in varying guises on all 12 tracks of the CD/vinyl album In the long still night. City Slang, 1996.

Hurricane (released under the pseudonym JJ Stone) - Keyboards/trumpets/saxes.
CD/12" single, various mixes. Itchy teeth, 1998.

Two clear eyes (live) - Keyboards.
On the CD album Don't tread on me. Butcher's Wig Records, 1999.

Blood is red, 4 track CD EP - Keyboards/trumpets/saxes.
FM Records, 2000.

Black Milk, CD album - Keyboards/trumpets/saxes.
FM Records, 2000.

Things will change, 4-track CD EP/7" single - Trumpets/saxes.
Sweet Nothing Records, 2001.

Fire Music, CD & vinyl album - Saxes, trumpets
Sweet Nothing Records, 2002.

Bear me away, double CD album collating many of the above b-sides, EPs & rarities
Sweet Nothing Records, 2002.

Grand Union Canal, 7" & CD single - Keyboards, sax, guitar
Fred (label), 2007

The Rotten Mile, 12 track album - Keys, horns, percussion, guitar
Fred (label) 2007 Details here

Played live with the band from 1992 to 2002 and 2006 - present
Plus various radio sessions, TV etc inc 'Later with Jools Holland'

David Gray
Babylon - String arranger/conductor/MD
On the CD single Babylon. 1HT Records, 1999.

PJ Harvey
The river - Trumpets.
On the CD album Is this desire
? Island, 1998.

When Gallon Drunk supported PJ Harvey on a world(ish) tour in 1993 we would occasionally guest on each other's encores. You can catch the odd glimpse of me on the documentary video made during that tour, Reeling - PJ Harvey.

The Higsons
This is where it all started, at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. The founder members of the band were Simon Charterton, Dave Cummings, Charlie 'Switch' Higson, Colin Williams and myself. Dave moved to London shortly afterwards and was replaced by Stuart McGeachin who played on most of the records. Yes it is
that Charlie Higson of 'Fast Show' fame and no, we won't be reforming (unless a very eccentric multi-millionaire rears his or her head).

I don't want to live with monkeys/Insect love - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
7" single. Romans in Britain, 1981.

The lost & the lonely/It goes waap - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
7" single. Waap Records, 1981.

It goes waap (re-recorded)/Heat - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
12" single. Waap Records, 1981.

Conspiracy/Touchdown - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
7" single. Waap Records, 1982.

Tear the whole thing down*/Ylang ylang - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
7" single (* on 12" white label promo). Two Tone, 1982.

Run me down/Put the punk back into funk pts I & II - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
7" single. Two Tone, 1983.

Run me down (extended)/Inst./Put the punk back into funk pts I & II - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc. 12" single. Two Tone, 1983.

Push out the boat*/Round & round - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
7"/12" single (* extended version on 12"). Waap Universal, 1983.

Music to watch girls by/Lying on the telephone - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
7" single. Upright Records, 1984.

Music to watch boys by/Lying on the telephone/Clanking my bucket*/I don't want to live with monkeys* - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc. 12" single (* rec. live at The Lyceum). Upright Records, 1984.

Take it*/I walk the land - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
7"/12" single (ext & inst versions of * on 12"). R4 records, 1985.

The Curse of The Higsons - Vinyl LP, Upright Records, 1984. CD, Mixture Records, 1992.

Attack of the cannibal zombie businessmen - LP, Waap, 1987. CD, Mixture Records, 1992.

It's a wonderful life - CD, Hux, 1998
May be purchased from
Hux Records
See discography & shop pages for tracklistings etc.

The Higsons - 17 track video, recorded live at Camden Palace, 1984.
Released ?, on Dubious via Ikon.

Miscellaneous Higsons releases

Our day now - available on No fish is too weird for her aquarium

I had a dream - available on Ontogeny - No fish . . . vol II

Split - available on Queer Street - No fish . . . vol III

We will never grow old/(My love is) Bent (at both ends) - Guitar/sax/b-voc.
On the vinyl LP Norwich a fine city. Romans in Britain, 1981.

Can't get next to you - Saxophone.
Bonus 12" single with the vinyl compilation Touchdown. Fontana, 1982.
* A cover of The Temptations' classic by Norfolk 'supergroup' The Popular Higson Boys,
comprised of members of The Higsons, Farmer's Boys & Popular Voice.

The Higsons Live at The Jacquard - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/b-voc.
13 track cassette-only official bootleg. Chaos Cassettes, 1982.
And bloody dreadful it is, too!

BBC sessions - John Peel (5), David Jensen(3), Richard Skinner(1), Peter Powell (1), In Concert (1).

Misc. local radio & TV appearances and endless touring.

Robyn Hitchcock
Having joined Robyn onstage several times for performances of his 'tribute', Listening to The Higsons, I finally made it into the recording studio with him in 1999.

Adoration of the city - Trumpets/saxes
CD album, A Star for Bram. Editions PAF, 2000.

City of women - Saxes
CD album, Wig in a box (v.a.) Off Records 2003

Are 'friends' electric? - Trumpets
CD album,
Queer Street (v.a.) Sartorial 2004

David Holmes
Don't die just yet - String transcription/MD.
CD/vinyl single, various mixes. CD/vinyl album. Go!Beat, 1997.

Uncredited - and I dragged myself off my death-bed to do the work and attend the session.