The Sessions Catalogue

I - O

The Irregulars
Julie / Against The Grain Of My Life - Saxophone
Flexidisc, Rocking Frog Promotions, rel. 1988.
Also on CD compilation The Sound of Leamington Spa vol 3. Clarendon, 2003.

Jesus & Mary Chain
I love rock n roll*/Man on the moon - Trumpets.
On the CD/vinyl album Munki. * also on CD/vinyl single. Creation, 1998.

I love rock n roll also on singles compilation released in 2002

Also on BBC sessions (studio & live), plus some gigs, 1998, including John Peel's Meltdown

Keziah Jones
Producer Ian Caple contacted me to do some string/brass arrangements for Keziah Jones.
The 4 x 4 quartet played on the session and at least one track appeared on the
1999 album Liquid Sunshine on the French label Delabel. The Japanese version has extra tracks
which may include some of the stuff I worked on. Can't be more specific as I don't own a copy of it!

Knife & Fork
Dream Sweet - Muted trumpets
On the CD album Miserycord. Cutting Board Records, 2004

Lydia Lunch
Memory and madness (illustrated spoken word CD) - alto sax/pocket trumpet
here. Sartorial Records, 2003

Minus man - All instruments
On the CD album Smoke in the shadows. Breakbeat Records, 2004

Also check out the live tracks on Yesterday's Zeitgeist, Ontogeny and Queer Street.
Live video
Road Rant. Contact Merrill for details.

I've been here before/Olympia - Trumpets
On the CD album Lovelife. 4AD, 1996

Miki & Emma used to come to Higsons gigs, believe it or not, and BUtterfield 8 used to cover Emma's tune, 'Thoughtforms'. There's a version of it on Ontogeny.

Johnny the horse/The communicator/The wizard/Drip fed Fred
Saturday night, Sunday morning/No money - Alto & baritone saxes/Brass MD, arranger.

On the album Wonderful. Virgin, 1999.

Johnny the horse/We are love/I was the one*/Maddley - Saxophone. Trumpet on *.
Tracks on assorted CD single A+B sides. Virgin, 1999.

Drip Fed Fred - CD single, rel 2000

A pleasure and an honour to play with Madness. I am particularly proud of being on a record with Ian Dury (Drip fed Fred), as we're from the same part of Essex and Blockheads saxophonist, Davey Payne, inspired me to take up the instrument

TV appearances with Madness include Parkinson (Nov 2002) when I played on my knees dressed as Toulouse-Lautrec. I told them I wouldn't stand for it...

Glen Matlock and the Philistines
Little bit of whore - tenor/baritone saxes
I only wrote this song for you (Johnny Thunders tribue CD), Diesel Motor Records, 2003

The swanker/On the horizon - piano
On something, EMI (UK), Majestic (USA) 2005

* My first gig with ex-Sex Pistol Glen was at the Ian Dury tribute night, Brixton Academy with
Mick Jones, Davey Payne, Lee Thompson & Chris Musto. I played the same piano that Chas & Dave
had just been thrashing away at. Crikey.

Did she - Soprano saxophone.
B-side of 7"/12" single When it all comes down. Factory, 1987.

Also on one John Peel session & some live shows, 1987.

Trumpet/saxophones on City Poison, Spaceship Earth and two other tracks on
Eva Luna (CD/vinyl album). Too Pure, 1992.

Heart keeps beating - Baritone saxophone.
Recorded live at Disobey. On CD album 3 fingers & a fumb. Blast First, 1995.

New York New York
Roger Wilson said/Too drunk to drive - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/vocal/piano.
7" single. Urchin Records, 1983.

New York New York - Trumpet/saxophone/guitar/vocal.
10-track vinyl album. Izuma, 1985.

I wanna be like you/St Thomas/Ready reckoner &
Let's go let's blow - Trumpet/saxophone/vocal.
12" EP. Beach Culture, 1985.

All tracks reissued on CD by Vinyl Japan (Tokyo) in 2007