The Sessions Catalogue

P - S

Perfecto Allstarz
Reach up (Pigbag) - Trumpet/saxophone.
Vinyl/CD single, various mixes, compilation albums etc. Perfecto, 1995.

Positively Testcard
Big & Clever - Keyboards
Assorted other tracks - Alto / baritone saxophones
From the CD, Gas up my hotrod stoker, the kwela groove frenzy's hit town . House of Kwela, 2000.

Sophiatown society/Cycle & wireless/Big brown shoes - Saxes
From the CD Let's do the Kwela. House of Kwela, 2004

Extra time - Trumpet/arranger/MD
12" single, various mixes. Perfecto, 1997.

Not to be confused with the Sutherland Bros & Quiver...

Derek Raymond (aka Robin Cook)/James Johnston/Terry Edwards
I was Dora Suarez - Sax / trumpet / keyboards / melodica / percussion / programming etc
Six-track vinyl / CD album. Clawfist, 1993.

Roatta (out-take) - Available on Ontogeny

One performance took place at the National Film Theatre, London, in 1994 shortly before Robin died.

The Rhythm Pigs
Satan tuned my snare drum, John Peel session, 1987
On the vinyl LP I'm not crazy, I'm an airplane. Konkurrel, 1988

Scott 4
Das Junior / Ancient & modern - Trumpet / soprano sax / arranger / MD.

On the CD album Works Project LP. Folk Archive/V2, 1999.

Head up high - Trumpet / keyboards / bass.
7" single in aid of the Hillsborough Family Support Group. Flighted Miskick, 1997.

Serious Drinking
Countdown to Bilko / The revolution starts at closing time &
Winter's over - Trumpet & saxophone.

On the vinyl LP The revolution starts at closing time. Upright records, 1983.

Countdown to Bilko / Winter's over / A nice piece of trout* &
A day at the races - Trumpet / saxophone / guitar on *.

On the LP/CD album Stranger than Tannadice (The hits,misses & own goals of Serious Drinking). Workers Playtime, 1990.

Where have all the donkey jackets gone? / Ditch / Red skies over Wembley - Guitar.
7" single. Musical tragedies, 1992.

Guitarist at the come-back shows of the early 90s, some tracks released on Ontogeny & Queer Street

Slipt / Prisoner abroad / Blue Gravy / Emporer / Damaged
Ichola Buddha / Night of the Li's (new versions) - Trumpets, saxes, hammond & co-production with Paul Corkett
On the CD/vinyl album Blue gravy:Phase 9, Ten past twelve records, 2001

Original production + rerecording of some horns on source sounds for Urban Dub remixes on CD and vinyl versions of Snuff vs Urban Dub, particularly Damaged Dub (Funkhead mix).10 past 12 records, 2001

The other half of you / Chocs away / Pages 42-43 / Boatnick (so it goes) - Trumpets, saxes, hammond
On the CD/vinyl album Disposable Income, 10 past 12/Golf Records, 2002

Chocs away, Dirty old legend - trumpets & saxes
CD single inc. video, 10 past 12/Golf Records, 2002

Jangle (demo) / A prisoner abroad & Iyehf Taidu Leikh (both live) - Saxes, pocket trumpet, hammond
Mini-CD album on Itayado Karaoke Manekineko Records, 2003

Pocket trumpet, alto sax & hammond organ on tours of UK, Europe, Japan & Australia since 2001

Stay with me (The Individual) - Baritone saxophone (x 3).
B-side of Let it flow. CD single. Dedicated, 1995. Uncredited.

The Individual - Baritone saxophone (not tenor sax as credited on the sleeve).
On the CD album Ladies & gentlemen we are floating in space. Dedicated, 1997.

* In March, 1979, I had the word INDIVIDUAL tattooed on the right side of my neck. I guess that explains the titles of these two tracks, then.

Spirea X
Chlorine dream - obscure Thai chanter that I can't play properly.
Spirea rising* - bass guitar.
On the CD album
Fireblade skies. * on U.S. version only. 4AD, 1991. * 4AD, 1992.

Also played guitar with the band for a few gigs.

Watermelon/Vulpine / A joint for Mrs. Soames (street scene) &
3ft shy from yesterday - Baritone sax.
On the CD album Soundtrack to Spleen. Swarf finger, 1996.

My tracks / Thatman-Throbbin' / 203* - Saxes / trumpets on *
On the CD album Little scratches. Swarf finger, 1998.

My tracks / You think of a vocal 'cos we can't be arsed / Watermelon by the 3rd Eye Foundation* - Sax / trumpet on *.
CD EP. Swarf finger, 1998.

Played on the Spleen world tour in 1998 (two gigs, London & Bristol).

Another night in - Baritone saxophone.
7"/CD single. Food Records, 1998.

Another face/Hawaiian song - Trumpet & saxophone.
On the CD album Petits pois. Sweet Records, 1996.

Lilly - Baritone saxophone.
On the CD album
What hit me? Swordfish Records, 1995.

Numerous gigs.