The Sessions Catalogue

T - Z

Jimi Tenor
Total devastation - Saxophone/trumpet.
CD/12" singles, also on the CD/vinyl album Organism. Warp Records, 1999

Dirty Jimi / Black hole / Cosmic dive - Pocket trumpet, saxes
On the CD/vinyl album Higher planes. Kitty-yo, 2003

Beyond the stars, Asteroid belt, Take off - saxes
On the CD/vinyl album Beyond the stars. Kitty-Yo, 2004

I've played live with 'The Expensive Sound of Jimi Tenor', since early 1997
There are some more studio recordings in the vaults at Warp HQ.

* Jimi drew the cartoon of me on the sleeve of Yesterday's Zeitgeist

Test Department
Assorted tracks on A good night out
- Trumpet & saxophone.
Vinyl/CD album. Ministry of Power, c.1987.

Also various appearances at gigs, printers/miners benefits etc.

All releases appear on the This Way Up record label except where noted
CD reissues on Island

City sickness - Keyboards.
CD/vinyl single, 1993.

Tindersticks 1st album - Trumpets & saxophones on Tyed, Patchwork, Her,
Paco de Renaldo's dream, The not knowing. Keyboards on City Sickness
Arrangement/MD on The not knowing. CD/vinyl album 1993.

Kathleen/A sweet, sweet man* - Trumpet, tenor sax (borrowed from Polly Harvey) on *.
CD/vinyl single, 1994.

Tyed/Kathleen/Drunk tank - Trumpet.
Amsterdam (live), CD/vinyl album. 1994.

No more affairs (inst) - Trumpet.
CD/vinyl single, 1994.

Tindersticks 2nd album - Trumpets, saxophones and some dodgy french horn playing on
El diablo en el ojo, My sister, Snowy in F# minor, Vertrauen II, Talk to me, Mistakes and
Sleepy song
String arrangements (co-written with Dickon) on Tiny tears / Talk to me / Travelling light
Mistakes / She's gone. CD/vinyl, 1995.

Travelling light (re-recorded) / I've been loving you too long - Trumpet & saxophones.
CD/vinyl single, 1995.

El diablo en el ojo*/ Talk to me / City sickness**/ Vertrauen II / Sleepy song &
Drunk tank - Trumpet/Saxophone on */Hammond solo on **.
On the CD/vinyl album The Bloomsbury Theatre, 12-3-95, 1995.

Paco's theme - Trumpet.
On the CD/vinyl single Bathtime, 1997

City sickness*/ Travelling light / I've been loving you too long - Trumpets/saxes/keys on *
On CD album Donkeys 92-97, 1998.

Say goodbye to the city - Trumpet
On CD album Waiting for the moon, Beggars Banquet, 2003

City sickness (keys), Patchwork, Travelling light, Kathleen, A sweet sweet man,
I've been loving you too long,Harry's dilemma (tpt/saxes)
On CD compilation Working for the man, Island 2004

Also played on several tours (UK/US/Europe), plus two BBC Radio Sessions
and 'Later with Jools Holland' (TV).

Unknown Public
Stack (excerpt) - Amplifier sounds.
On Eclectic Guitars
/ UP 006, various artists. 1995.

Cesspool called history/Harlem Nocturne - Alto sax. (w/Lydia Lunch - same version as on
Yesterday's Zeitgeist). On Beauty & Terror / UP011, various artists. 2001.

UP is a quarterly mail order-only CD/magazine. For details contact Laurence Aston.

Yeah Jazz
This is not love 4 track EP - Soprano sax / bits & pieces.
7"/12" vinyl. Upright Records, 1986.

She said/Rain - Saxophone / piano / production.
7" vinyl single. Upright Records, 1986.

Probably this winter - Trumpet.
Track on compilation Imminent 5. Food Records, 1987.

Sharon / The girl the years were kind to - Saxophone / keyboards / production.
7"/12" single. Cherry Red, 1987.

Six lane ends - 12-track album. All keyboards, saxophones, trumpets & production.
Vinyl LP (CD with bonus track, Japan only). Cherry Red, 1988.

Morning O'Grady*/ Step into the light - Keyboards, horns, whistling solo on * (!).
12" single. Cherry Red, 1988.

Numerous gigs.